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The Office for the Integration of Newcomers to Montreal (BINAM) -
Journée Portes Fermées (Closed Door Day)


Although Montreal is experiencing a province-wide labour shortage, when it comes to integrating newcomers to the workforce, Montreal ranks last among major Canadian cities. The newcomer unemployment rate remains three times that of Montreal-born citizens.


To promote awareness to the barriers faced by immigrant job seekers and effect change, we created a special day that took place in Montreal on January 15, 2020: the “Closed Door Day.”


The event was publicized through a poster campaign and video ads in the subway, fake headlines in local newspapers, teaser ads on social media, and a temporary installation at Complexe Desjardins to launch the day alongside the Montreal mayor and local media.

The installation, a series of closed doors, gave people a taste of the harsh reality that many immigrants face when looking for work.We also created a French-only website so everybody could experience the “Closed Door Day” at home.


Creative Direction

Agency: Publicis Montréal

Photographer: Jorge Camarotti

Production company:  BLVD

Digital agency: Locomotive

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